Fried lamb liver with port wine sauce, apple-chutney and lettuce

Smoked salmon and salmon mousse with horseradish and potatoe pancakes


Beef stock with liver dumpling

Beef stock with pancake stripes

Tomato soup with basil cream



Toast Hawaii with ham, pineapple and cheese

Toast Linde with pork escalope “Vienna style" and fried egg and cucumber



Swabian cheese noodles with fried onions and mixed salad

Soy steak with salsa, steakhouse fries and lettuce with balsamic dressing (served vegan)


Grilled arctic char fllet with spinach, and parsley potatoes

Gilthead seabream and sea bass fllet with mediterranean pearl barley risotto

Spinat-Frischkäsemaultaschen auf Pilzragout, dazu knackige Salate (V)

Gebratenes Sojasteak mit knusprigen Kartofelstäbchen, Tomatensalsa und Blattsalaten mit Balsamicodressing (V + Vegan)



Veal escalope “Vienna Style" with french fries and mixed salad

Knuckle of porc with french fries and mixes salad

Rumpsteak with pepper and herb butter, served with sweet potatoe fries

Chicken breast bacon-wrapped with swabian lentilsauce, mixed vegetables and potatoe noodles

Filet of porc and swabian noodles overbaked with cheese, onions and bacon with cream sauce and lettuce

Cordon bleu_ stufed with Parma ham, tomato and cheese, served with french fries and mixed salad

Lamb curry with baked pineapple and Basmati rice

Stufed breast of lamb with shitake mushrooms and pototoe croquettes

Fried duck breast with asian mixed vegetables and Basmati rice

Roastbeef with onions, fried potatoes and mixed salad




Vanilla and choclate ice-cream with mixed red beeries, whipped cream and almonds

Apple strudel with vanilla ice and whipped cream

Homemade sorbet with fruit sauce
Our varieties: raspberry- blackcurrant, abricot-rosemary, mojito

Hazelnut and walnut ice-cream with mixed nuts, whipped cream, eggnog and hazelnut crunch

Fairtrade chocolate parfait and mango sorbet with raspberry sauce


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